Seduction with Comfort.


The art of seduction is perhaps one of the hardest things to master. Most times when we are introduced to seduction on media, it is with superbly fit individuals, who are fit to grace the latest Cosmopolitan magazine, and they often do as well! So, it’s a little harder for the everyday woman to match or live up that image. So much so, that when we buy lingerie, we are often disappointed in the outcome.

Pretty hard to seduce your partner, if you don’t even feel sexy in what you’re wearing right? So, today I bring you some of my helpful tips for when buying lingerie.

Cup up, and never down: One of the greatest frustrations when you buy lingerie online comes with the cup size. Many companies design their lingerie with a specific image in mind, which means when they design the band of the bra or bralette, they are often picturing a certain figure. A figure that most of us do not fall into. So, tip number one, whenever you are uncertain of your size, cup up. That means, go a size higher! If the bra does end up being too big, you can wear it on the tightest knot and have your desired effect.

Where does the band go, where does the truth hide: Okay, so for our curvier readers, here’s a tip I’ve learned is great for boosting confidence during sexy time. Wear the band of your bralette right over the end of your upper waist, if this is tricky to figure out, feel for your fourth rib! This accentuates the cleavage and hides the little folds on the side of your body. That way you feel less conscious of your body. *This tip is specifically for sexy time, it does not offer much in the way of support for everyday usage.

Somebody say, Teddy? Teddies are the greatest sexy-time lingerie in my humble opinion. Whether you chose lace, silk, cotton, or even leather material. Teddies help to accentuate your curves and highlight the parts of the skin that are visible. They are also designed with comfort in mind, so grab a pair today, and say hello to comfort and seduction!

And don’t forget to treat yourself with a piece of Erotic Lingerie or Elegant Lingerie coupled with a body harness fashion lingerie or body chain fashion lingerie!

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