Things to keep in mind when buying lingerie; Materials

There is a saying that the right Lingerie is all it takes to conquer the world. While I cannot vouch for that, I can certainly say that the right underwear is a great step in the right direction. So, how exactly do we know what the right lingerie is?

That’s a very tricky question, isn’t it? So, I’m going to be starting a series on things to keep in mind when buying lingerie.

This week we are going to explore materials.

Ahhh, the famed and notorious names that beguile our minds. “chiffon, satin, plaid, lined, cotton, rimmed, lace.” And the list goes on. When we scroll through lingerie sites we often are bombarded with different names, and its often really hard to tell the difference between styles and material names, because designers want to sell appealing names and splash a little bit of creativity along the way. While descriptive titles make shopping easier, they also make it quite unappealing. Nothing sexy about; “plaid pattern lace panties, with 95% polyester and 5% satin,” am I right?

I’m gonna break down the little codes to figuring out what you want, and what you think you want. So, how do you figure out when the material in question is or isn’t what you’re looking for? Simple, look at the lines.

Satin Vs Silk: ooh, the mysterious and ever sexy satin. Nothing says I’m an independent woman whose got her shit together, like satin lingerie. Satin is in so many ways, the more pragmatic and less expensive sister of silk. While both materials are soft and smooth Satin is artificial. A good tip for satin spotting is the knitting. That’s it! because while silk will be just as soft appearing to the eyes because it is naturally woven, it will be smooth and have little evidence of knitting.

Cotton Vs Polyester Vs Chiffon: These are the three materials created for fighting crime. I’m kidding, but not really. Cotton will have transparency to it, polyester will be thicker and chiffon, well chiffon is a little tricky simply because it’s a scam. Chiffon isn’t a base material but rather a composite made up of base materials, something like lace?.

There we have it, folks, some easy tips to keep in mind next time you hit the online stores.

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