To seam or not to seam

This week in lingerie guide We are going to explore none other than the important and yet often overlooked seems of our lingerie. It’s pretty easy to look at wild lingerie and think, I like that design and not that, but behind every nicely crafted bralette, teddy, and erotic corset are impeccable seams. Here are some quick ways to spot the right kind of seams to pay attention to when buying lingerie online.
The first thing to note is material. Certain materials like silk, satin, and softer materials are great with seams like Butt seam, French seam, and Slot seams. This is because they hold materials tightly without causing too many strains on the sides of the material. This way you can avoid wear and tear on your lingerie.
The second thing to note is that while seams hold all materials strongly, they also contribute to the overall design of your lingerie. That cute monochrome look is achieved with hidden plain seams, and your lined bralette is due to consecutive simple plain stitches. As a result, it is super important to note where the seam pattern begins. A good sign of good sewing is the appearance of a seamless start and finish.
Seams are different and perhaps not created equal, but the right pattern and material combination make for excellent lingerie life and support. So, next time you’re shopping pay a little more attention to the lace.

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