The Infallible Garter


For many of us, he presence of a garter or the mention is likely to bring about memories of a wedding and the tradition of the groom removing the garter from above or below the knee and tossing it to a sea of male attendees.

This has its history dated back to 14th century England where it was believed that a piece of the wedding dress would bring about luck, seeing as it would be a very unfortunate turn of events if someone, where to rip an actual attached piece apart from the dress, in the name of luck the garter, was introduced into the wedding outfit like a simple band across the leg, situated above or below the knee.

However, this fascinating history only gets more intriguing. Before the common practice of today, a witness would follow the bride and groom to assert that the marriage had been consummated and then retrieve the garter as proof of consummation. The witness would then toss it to the waiting crowd. Over time it became synonymous with chastity, luck and marital bliss. Before it evolved to what we see today.

Wedding or not, garters are a great accessory that helps with enhancing outfits, whether worn by men or women. And while many people now associate them as a feminine accessory like many things that are now seen as feminine, they were once a sign of fashionable masculinity, i.e. pink. Garters were worn by regency men in the Elizabethan times, made colorfully and put on full display. By the 1980’s they were styled and paired with stockings with engraving names and mottoes. By the turn of the century, they were once again tucked beneath clothes and reclassified as undergarments.

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Present-day uses of the garters are more practical, think of them as an upside-down suspender, that happens to be made of lace. They work great to hold shirts, blouses, and other upper body wear in place. But while their practical reasons are a good enough selling point, Garters are also well-known contributors for completing sexy lingerie looks.

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