I’m God

When we say someone is playing God, it can have some very heavy implications. The extent to which you want to incorporate it into your bedroom play is up to you, but basically, the partner named God will have complete control. He or she will be able to tell his subject what to do and the subject will have no choice but to obey.

This type of role play is terrific for BDSM sex where there is often a slave and master. And with the master being named as God, the slave can only imagine what will happen if they don’t do as they are told.

But the master should also be aware that calling themselves God gives them a lot to live up to. They are likely to have supernatural powers that can provide the ultimate experience for themselves and their slaves.

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Those that are new to BDSM sex will want to take things slowly and going with a God theme may be a bit much for beginners. All the same, its great sexy roleplay for more experienced players to try out.

BDSM is pretty heavy stuff and it’s important for players not to get carried away, especially if they are calling someone God. It involves whips, chains and bondage and it is easy for one player to get hurt, whether emotionally or physically. That’s why it’s important to establish boundaries in advance and it’s also important for those boundaries to be respected throughout play.

There are several couples role play ideas that can make your sex life more exciting. Playing God can really take things to the next level. Do you think your ready for this type of action?

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