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This is for anyone who loves lingerie but is sick and tired of the repeated styles that we are seeing flooding amazon ebay and even the local lingerie and sexy stores and boutiques Here is a simple guide for you: 1- Visit Canada’s sexiest lingerie store offering the latest in European trends and designs (Temptations Avenue Lingerie) 2- Begin your lingerie journey by choosing your style and even mood! Are you into wearing something Elegant and Sensual? Or are you in the mood to be bold, Erotic and Wild? Or perhaps you are into something more.. maybe a Body Harness that you can wear as a lingerie piece or as an accessory to your lingerie pieces. How about a Body Chain Lingerie? This one too you can wear as a lingerie piece or as part of your outerwear, especially if you are considering going to a night club. 3- Receive your erotic lingerie purchase and try it on! Some stores love to hear your feedback about their kinky lingerie, Temptations Avenue Lingerie is known to reward any kind of feedback with anything from a mention on their instagram feed to giving a piece of lingerie for free to giving away discount codes! Have fun shopping! Oh and if you are based in Ottawa, Ontario (or anywhere in Canada for that matter) the shipping is pretty fast. Have fun wearing some sensual lingerie (or wild lingerie for that matter too)
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